Battles and Battle Techniques essays

Many battles happened during Rome`s reign over it`s Empire. Although many, I Many battles happened during Rome`s reign over it`s Empire. Although many, I  will only name a few as well as some of their techniques that helped them ensure a  victory. Probably Rome`s most famous battles came from the Punic Wars.

A revolt in  Messana, Sicily, provided the opportunity the Romans were looking for. Asked for help against the Phoenicians, the Romans sent in an expeditionary force, small, but sufficientto send the Phoenician group back to Carthage. Carthage responded by sending in a  larger force, to which the Romans responded with a full consular army. In 262 B.C.Rome won many small victories, giving it control over almost the entire island.

But theRomans needed control of the sea for final victory and Carthage was a naval power.  With both sides balanced, the war continued for 20 more years until the war-wearyPhoenicians just gave up in 241 Rome eventually defeated Carthage altogether and in a burst of anger, decided to destroy the entire city, then pour salt all over it so nothing  would grow on it ever again.

Many other great battles took place as Caesar triumphed in  Gaul, north of Italy. There he conquered the whole area but only for his personal gain and  to get a Triumph when he returned to Rome.  Now, some of Rome`s battle techniques, strategies and basic military tactics. Your basic Roman soldier wore a tunic, but with barely any armor, carried and shield but  more often than not just slung it over is soldier when not in battle, held a spear and wore  two belts around his waist with a dagger in one and a sword in the other.

Roman helmets  were usually made of copper and the solider would often scratch is name on it to signify  ownership. Now I`m going to go into some detail about Rome`s most famour battle  technique, the phalanx. Then Roman phalanx was quick, strong, and an effective way to. See our other essays on our site here — a rose for emily summary.

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